P opular Music is the name of the group. Yes, it’s confusing and yes, the SEO is hopelessly fucked. We’re frankly surprised that you found us. Bless your heart. Popular Music (the group) is based in Melbourne/Naarm, by way of Hollywood, California. Full-time participants include Prudence Rees-Lee and Zac Pennington; the latter used to have a group called Parenthetical Girls, like, eons ago.

The duo is pleased to present Minor Works — an album for the end of time — via the group’s own Sanitarium Sound Services imprint. The double LP of Minor Works is now available in a limited edition of 300, each hand-numbered and hand-stamped, with a fancy etching on the D side because 💸.

In addition to Minor Works, Popular Music is responsible for a record called Popular Music Plays In Darkness, which features interpretations of iconic pop songs from the cinema. It did not set the world on fire.

The group has produced a modest number of promotional videos; they also maintain a newsletter (more interesting than it sounds).


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